July 31st | Saratoga Springs, UT | Live & In Person 2-Day Event!

Activate Your Limitless Potential
at PIVOT POINT in Saratoga Springs

Step into a Transformative 2-Day Experience and Learn The Secrets to Achieve Unshakeable Self-Belief and Rapid Success

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When you enter Pivot Point, you're stepping into a meticulously crafted experience designed with one goal:

To empower you to uncover the extraordinary version of LIMITLESS YOU, take ownership of your life story, and live it.

At Pivot Point, You Will...

-develop a clear vision for the next decade of your life and business.

-construct a mindset to accomplish your most significant objectives, even those that seem beyond reach.

- adopt a proven system to magnify your desired outcomes.

- rub shoulders with a powerful network of collaborators, peers, and friends who will support you for years to come.

July 31 - August 1

Saratoga Springs, UT

659 N Saratoga Rd Suite 355

9am – 5pm MST

Lunch Will Be Provided

A Personal Invitation

Maybe you've been in the industry for a while and have attended events that didn't meet your expectations.

Maybe this is your first time at a live event of this magnitude and you're unsure if it's right for you.

Here's what you need to know:

Pivot Point is not for the faint of heart.

You'll be asked to dig DEEP. We expect a high standard of COMMITMENT to YOURSELF.

This event is NOT about US. It's about YOU.

We're the facilitators; the true magic is created by YOU.

It all starts with a decision: To take ownership of your life story and live it.

Introducing The Pivot Point 2024 World-Class Speaker Line Up!

Tony Child

Tony is a high-performance coach and the Founder of Elevated Worldwide and Co-Founder of Elevated Alliance. International business coaching companies that helps entrepreneurs and business owners create success on purpose with the power of positive mindset. Tony shows people how to implement systems that can enhance their personal and professional growth and cultivate environments that intersect passion, purpose and profit. Tony has collaborated with leaders like John Maxwell and Bob Proctor as well as coached executives, high-performing entrepreneurs, and Olympic athletes.

Nicole Kerohan

As the COO of Elevated Worldwide, Nicole trains and empowers entrepreneurs and business leaders to own their choices and shift their perspectives, leading to true personal and professional growth. Her career spans two decades of business development, both through entrepreneurship and corporate roles, providing her with a rich background to guide her clients effectively. Nicole’s unique perspective and profound insights into human potential have earned her recognition and respect in the coaching industry.

Bill Banta

Bill Banta, an adept development and achievement coach, sales professional, CEO of Elevated Worldwide and co-founder of Elevated Alliance. Bill has empowered countless individuals to reach greater heights in their personal and professional lives. With two decades of learning from diverse mentors and over 12 years of direct collaboration with Bob Proctor, Bill has undergone a significant personal transformation by implementing specific achievement principles.

Here's What Attendees Are Saying:

Don't Miss This Event!

If you're driven by the potential for limitless growth, our upcoming two-day event, Pivot Point, is designed for you.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner, sales professional, or leader, you’ll discover the mindset shifts and habits that successful entrepreneurs use to create unstoppable momentum and unimaginable opportunities for growth.

Walk Away with Your, "I Can and I Will" Statement

Why Pivot Point is a Must-Attend

There is a better way—a proven path to success that comes faster, easier, and with greater fulfillment. Follow the process, and you can have anything you want.

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