2024 LIVE Online Masterclass With Nichole Kernohan and Bill Banta!

Move Beyond Traditional New Year's Resolutions with The Strategic Goal Setting Formula That Yields Real, Lasting Results.

Thursday, January 25th

11:30 am - 1 pm MST

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A Proven System

In this 90 minute Masterclass you'll gain...

Understand "why" resolutions fail

Uncover the three types of goals that will genuinely inspire and motivate you.

Systems Over Resolutions

Learn why New Year's resolutions typically fail and how to avoid the trap and create the results you are

looking for.

Habits That Transform

Discover intentional habit practices to help integrate your actions into consistent application with ease.

The Real Key to Success

It’s more profound than just feeling motivated. We’re diving deep!

Stop the Cycle of Resolutions

We've all been there - fired up on January 1st, only to find our resolutions fading by February.

This frustration doesn't just evaporate; it lingers as guilt, a constant reminder of what could have been.

But what if the problem is not your lack of commitment, but something much deeper? 

In the Strategic Goal Setting Masterclass, we will go into a groundbreaking formula that transcends resolutions and takes a look at the foundational strategy of belief systems.

With insights into the psychology of goal-setting and a practical, step-by-step system, this 90-min masterclass will equip you with the strategic insights to set clear, actionable goals that inspire consistent action. 

You'll learn to identify the three types of goals and which one actually ignites your drive to succeed. Say goodbye to the guilt of quitting and hello to intentional habit practices that integrate your actions into your daily life with ease.

Your ambition and drive are commendable, but it's time to conquer the self-doubt that lurks in the shadows of your success. The Strategic Goal Setting Masterclass is tailored to high-achievers

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Thursday, January 25th

11:30 am - 1 pm MST

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